Magnetic Ball Doodle Pad

Magnetic Ball Doodle Pad

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Want to keep your children entertained without giving them access to gadgets and mobile devices that do more damage than good? Introducing the Magnetic Ball Doodle Pad.

The Magnetic Ball Doodle Pad is a classic toy that can also be used as a sensory learning tool. Use the Magnetic Ball Doodle Pad to keep any child from 3 years upward entertained and their imagination stimulated for hours on end. Encourage your child to express their creativity and produce their own unique designs with the Magnetic Ball Doodle Pad.

  • Made with durable ABS plastic
  • Filled with hundreds of magnetic beads, guaranteed to never fall out
  • Comes with a magnetic stylus that attracts the beads to the surface of the board as your child’s unique designs take form
  • Handy, child-friendly size. Fits tiny hands perfectly
  • Choose from two classic colors
*Limited quantity in stock so hurry and get your order in now!

Product description

Ideal CHRISTMAS gift idea - Magnetic Ball Doodle Pad

The Concrete, Developmental Benefits: 

1. Education, Learning Experience. 
2. Confidence – It helps kids learn to express themselves and to become more confident by drawing better and better pictures. 
3. Another way for your child to expand their creativity. 
4. Social Skills - Not only is this magnetic drawing board great for solo play, it can also become a social experience. There are a number of drawing games or games like tic-tac-toe that this board is perfect for. 
5. Grit and Practical Development – In addition to pictures of butterflies and houses, my kids can practice their alphabet and numbers. As they do, they can easily erase and correct their work with a single swipe. 


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